This is a post that I started some time ago and am now finally just getting around to finishing it. . . . So i heard something on the radio that really made me mad. The hubby and i were driving to work and as usual he had ESPN radio on, listen to Colin Cowherd. The guy was talking about Jay Cutler and his non-performance in the NFC championship game that took place the day before. Apparently there was a serious uproar about Cutler not finishing the game. Cowherd was going on and on about Cutler when all of a sudden he is saying how Jay Cutler is a type 1 diabetic so he can’t do the things that other players can. Excuse me???? Did i hear that correctly? Yes i did, this guy is saying that because Jay Cutler has diabetes he cannot not function and perform as well as any other player who does not have diabetes. Is this guy an idiot? Or does he just not know about the disease? While on one hand I feel this guy knows correctly about the disease and is just saying this because he wants to get this kind of reaction, I still can’t help but being highly annoyed by it! Even if he is uneducated about diabetes, he should have made sure he knew what he was talking about before he said it. If that is the case then it all just makes him look like an ignorant fool for just spouting that crap out.
Just because a person has diabetes that doesn’t mean that they cannot do everything that a person without the disease can. As long as a diabetic takes care of themself then they can anything they want. Having diabetes doesn’t mean you have to stop living your life. Yes, you might have to be more cautious in regards to some things, but you can still do what you want to. I hope people take the time to really learn about the disease so they are better informed and do not end up making ignorant comments like I heard on that radio show.


New start

So things have been very quiet around here for a while. But that needs to change. Last week i celebrated both my 34th birthday and my 7th wedding anniversary. I realize that i need to really make a go at getting healthier so there are many many many more. Which means i need to make a lot of changes, some big some small.

One of them is that I need to post more, not just for anyone who might be reading this, but also for myself. I need to put things in writing to it is more real for me. And it doesn't hurt that is is a form of support for my journey. Another change that i have already made is that i have decided to completely cut soda out of my diet. I was down to just having one bottle of soda each Sunday, but now i have decided that I do not need that. So today is the first time in a while that i did not buy that bottle of soda. Instead I treated myself to some chocolate milk, go calcium!

So hopefully things go as planned and you will see a lot more posting from me and a lot less of me, physically!!