Busy, but quiet

Well the last month was a little on the busy side. My brother's wedding was happening and I had volunteered to make some things for it out of duct tape. I am happy to report that the wedding took place last weekend and was great. Now that i am not worrying about that, i can get back on track with other things, including my me time. I have slacked off the last week or two in my walking, but now is the time to get back on track. Just today I went with my husband and my brother and his family to the Baltimore Aquarium. On a day where I would struggle to get 5000 steps in, I have 7553 in so far. Pretty darn good for me. Things are slowly progressing. I have a group of friend with whom I do a weight loss challenge and am excited to say that i have won the last two challenges! I am on the downward spiral of my weight loss in a good way. I had been stalled for a bit, but made the change to counting carbs for a few weeks. While i am unhappy to say there really wasnt much change in either weight or blood sugar, once I stopped counting carb and went back to eating semi-sensibly and walking a lot the pounds starting coming off again. Now I just nee to step it up and get back to the gym! And to end this on a good note, this new t-shirt should help!