Busy, but quiet

Well the last month was a little on the busy side. My brother's wedding was happening and I had volunteered to make some things for it out of duct tape. I am happy to report that the wedding took place last weekend and was great. Now that i am not worrying about that, i can get back on track with other things, including my me time. I have slacked off the last week or two in my walking, but now is the time to get back on track. Just today I went with my husband and my brother and his family to the Baltimore Aquarium. On a day where I would struggle to get 5000 steps in, I have 7553 in so far. Pretty darn good for me. Things are slowly progressing. I have a group of friend with whom I do a weight loss challenge and am excited to say that i have won the last two challenges! I am on the downward spiral of my weight loss in a good way. I had been stalled for a bit, but made the change to counting carbs for a few weeks. While i am unhappy to say there really wasnt much change in either weight or blood sugar, once I stopped counting carb and went back to eating semi-sensibly and walking a lot the pounds starting coming off again. Now I just nee to step it up and get back to the gym! And to end this on a good note, this new t-shirt should help!


A little squee inside

So as I have mentioned before, I am doing a lot more walking now since I bought a fitbit. I walk at work on both breaks and my lunch break. And usually the walking is done inside just up and down the hallway. So I am sure some people think I am weird. As I was just finishing up with my AM break I had someone who I do not know comment to me that all the walking must be paying off because I look like I am losing weight. That just made me feel a little bit happy on the inside!

~ current daily steps: 3195

Location:Thea Dr,Harrisburg,United States

Carbs vs. Calories

So apparently my body is not a fan of carb counting. I had thought to start doing this as a way to get my diabetes under control. However after trying it for a month or so there was very little change in my blood sugar. So I thought to myself why not switch to calorie counting and see how that goes. Well I forgot to check my blood sugar before I ate, but I did see some change. After counting calories for just one week I dropped two pounds already. And we all know that losing weight helps with controlling the diabetes! So go me!

~ current daily steps: 2504

Location:Thea Dr,Harrisburg,United States


Getting in those steps

It looks like this is going to be one of those weeks. It is a struggle getting in my steps. let alone hitting my goal. I know part of my problem, other than being lazy, is the heat. I do not tolerate the heat well and it has been almost 90 out every day so far this week. As a kid I used to get really sick when it was too hot out. I have slightly grown out of it, but I still hate it.
It really also doesn't help that not only am I working to get all those duct tape flowers made, but a new exspansion pack for the Sims 3 came out this week. So I am addicted to getting as much game time in as I can! It also doesn't help that neither my husband or I are morning people so we don't end up getting into work until the last possible minute and with our overtime we don't get out until late. It leaves little time to do much of anything else, which is why I am struggling to do everything with limited time.
Like right now i know i will get at least 10,000 steps in today so i am not worried about that. But I am sitting here trying to decide if i want to spend the little time i have tonight making flowers or playing Sims! There needs to be more hours in the day for fun!

~ current daily steps: 3369

Location:Thea Dr,Harrisburg,United States


Weekend blahs

Well the weekend did not go so well for counting steps. Saturday I just plain forgot to put my fitbit on. Could be because it fell under my bed an I forgot about it. Then Sunday I just didn't do much in the way of walking since I was trying to recover from all the activity of the previous three days. Today is another story. It may be off to a slow start, but I am determined to get back on track.
This next month is going to be crazy. My brother is getting married in a month and I have a lot I duct tape flowers to get making. I have a set schedule for the flowers that I will have to stick to. Plus I have other terms to make as well. It should be interesting to see how well I fit all this extra work in with making sure I get my steps in each day!

~ current daily steps: 1350

Location:Thea Dr,Harrisburg,United States



6/15/13 steps


~ current daily steps: 7,123

Numbers don't lie

It really is amazing to see my progress in terms of numbers. Since I purchased my fitbit on January 6, 3013 I have tracked the following:

Lifetime steps: 879,955

Lifetime distance: 392.47 miles

It is crazy to see those numbers. Especially knowing that they could be much lower if it weren't for my having purchased the fitbit. I never used to take as many steps a day as I do now. Owning the fitbit has really made me more active. I highly recommend it!!

~ current daily steps: 6922

Location:Harrisburg,United States


5/10/13 steps

Well I guess it all depends on how you look at it. If I were to count m steps right up until bed, then I ended up with 12,521. Which would mean I hit my goal. However my fitbit resets at midnight, which means I ran out of time and only got in 12,336 steps. I could have hit my goal before midnight had I not miscalculated and thought my goal was 12,250. Oh well, it is a brand new day!

~ current daily steps: 185

Location:Harrisburg,United States


Weekend steps

Friday 6/7/13: 10,133
Saturday 6/8/13: 5,548
Sunday 6/9/13: 6,945

~ current daily steps: 2,051

Location:Thea Dr,Harrisburg,United States



After looking back on my steps for the last month or so I have come to the realization that getting in 10,000 steps a day is not really much of a challenge for me anymore. It is time to kick it up a bit. So today I have reset my goal to 12,500 steps a day.
I should note that that goal is primarily for during the week. I am not running around as much on the weekend so my goal for those days is half of a regular day.
So here's to getting more steps in!
~ current daily steps: 2,411

Location:Harrisburg,United States

6/7/13 Steps


~current steps: 1,554


The Grandest Intentions

I did happen to mention I am lazy, right? Ok just making sure. Not that you couldn't tell since it has been SIX MONTHS since my last post. That's not to say that I have done nothing in all that time. Back in January, with some Christmas money, I picked up a Fitbit for myself. Now I do have to say that seeing the number of steps you take a day can be a motivator. When I first got my Fitbit I discovered that I was lucky if I took 2,000 steps a day. Just a smidge below the recommendation of 10,000 steps a day. So for the next couple months I started to push myself, first to get 5,000 a day and then on to 7,500 steps. I admit that I struggled. A lot! Then I started using my breaks and lunch at work to walk. Very quickly my goal was moved to 10,000 a day. After hitting that goal almost every day these last couple I months I see a new goal on the horizon. It is no longer such a struggle to get to 10,000 steps, so in the coming days it will be time to set a new goal. I have impressed even myself! I honestly don't know that I would be doing all this walking now if I had not bought the Fitbit. It has been a great motivator for me. So much so that on those days where I am close I make myself do more to ensure that I hit my goal. But the best days are the ones where I don't even have to try, it just happens!

Now that I am trying to so more, let's hope the blog starts to see more attention too!!

~ current daily steps: 5635

Location:Harrisburg,United States


Sugary Saturday

So for the first snacky post of the new year I give you freeze dried fruit! I have recently discovered that i can buy this at my local Target store. It is a good alternative for those you want something sweet. The WHOLE package, for the sliced strawberries, only has 90 calories and 24 carbs. There is no added sugar in this so that makes it a better choice right there. The only ingredient is strawberries. When eating freeze dried fruit you still get most of the benefits of eating fresh fruit. Some nutrients are lost in the process, but not all. And you still get the great strawberry taste, with a nice crunchy texture. So the next time you are craving sweet, pick the freeze dried fruit over the sugar loaded snacks.


A new year

So here it is, the start of another year. Last year I told myself I would do better and blog more, but obviously that did not happen! People think I joke when i say I am like the laziest person ever, but really it is true. That is why I can't seem to blog more. I just can't be bothered to come up with a post. Lately i have been thinking about a lot of changes I need to make in my life and I think this blog could help. So this year one of m goals will be to blog more. I want to start out trying to get in at least one post every couple of weeks. And work my way up! I certainly don't expect to make a lot of changes overnight. It takes time to develop new habits. So I am going to work on it.

I am still coming up with some goals that I want to set for myself. I am more comfortable calling them goals, rather than resolutions mostly because to me resolutions are usually something you don't make happen. Some of my goals are personal, while others are charity based. One of my personal goals is that i need to start checking the fluids in our car more often. I am not good at remembering to do it, so I want to get in the habit of checking things the first of every month. And I can say this month is good! I checked the fluids earlier today and topped off the ones that needed it. Another is to get healthier. I have been trying to eat better, and it is slow going. I also need to get exercising and moving more. In that department i have been seriously failing. I do not plan to jump right in and get to the gym every day or anything. I will work on it more slowly, starting to try to get some exercise in a couple times a week and work my way up to maybe 5 times a week. I know i need to better and I will.

Another thing that I want to start doing this year is to give more. And I plan to start by giving more to the local Humane Society. Once a month I plan to do a bit of shopping and purchase items that they are in need of and donate those items. It is just not people who sometimes need help, but the animals do to. So this year I plan to give more to them and help them out!

Happy New Years!