A little squee inside

So as I have mentioned before, I am doing a lot more walking now since I bought a fitbit. I walk at work on both breaks and my lunch break. And usually the walking is done inside just up and down the hallway. So I am sure some people think I am weird. As I was just finishing up with my AM break I had someone who I do not know comment to me that all the walking must be paying off because I look like I am losing weight. That just made me feel a little bit happy on the inside!

~ current daily steps: 3195

Location:Thea Dr,Harrisburg,United States

Carbs vs. Calories

So apparently my body is not a fan of carb counting. I had thought to start doing this as a way to get my diabetes under control. However after trying it for a month or so there was very little change in my blood sugar. So I thought to myself why not switch to calorie counting and see how that goes. Well I forgot to check my blood sugar before I ate, but I did see some change. After counting calories for just one week I dropped two pounds already. And we all know that losing weight helps with controlling the diabetes! So go me!

~ current daily steps: 2504

Location:Thea Dr,Harrisburg,United States