New start

So things have been very quiet around here for a while. But that needs to change. Last week i celebrated both my 34th birthday and my 7th wedding anniversary. I realize that i need to really make a go at getting healthier so there are many many many more. Which means i need to make a lot of changes, some big some small.

One of them is that I need to post more, not just for anyone who might be reading this, but also for myself. I need to put things in writing to it is more real for me. And it doesn't hurt that is is a form of support for my journey. Another change that i have already made is that i have decided to completely cut soda out of my diet. I was down to just having one bottle of soda each Sunday, but now i have decided that I do not need that. So today is the first time in a while that i did not buy that bottle of soda. Instead I treated myself to some chocolate milk, go calcium!

So hopefully things go as planned and you will see a lot more posting from me and a lot less of me, physically!!

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