Sugary Saturday

So for the first snacky post of the new year I give you freeze dried fruit! I have recently discovered that i can buy this at my local Target store. It is a good alternative for those you want something sweet. The WHOLE package, for the sliced strawberries, only has 90 calories and 24 carbs. There is no added sugar in this so that makes it a better choice right there. The only ingredient is strawberries. When eating freeze dried fruit you still get most of the benefits of eating fresh fruit. Some nutrients are lost in the process, but not all. And you still get the great strawberry taste, with a nice crunchy texture. So the next time you are craving sweet, pick the freeze dried fruit over the sugar loaded snacks.


  1. Thanks for the tip! I've been buying freeze-dried fruit at my grocery store. I didn't know Target had it too. I'm sure the Archer Farms prices are much lower!

    1. I know i just picked up a couple bags on sale for $2 something. i think the normal price is $3 something. Of course I also have the target debit card, so I always get 5% off. So far Target is the only place I have found freeze dried fruit!