Body Blahs

Well on a person health front things are not so great right now. I went last week for my first check-up of the new year. I left feeling great since I was able to stop taking one of my blood pressure meds. That lasted until yesterday when I got the results back from my blood work. First off i found out my Vitamin D levels were low. So my doctor wants me to take a prescription vitamin D for 8 weeks and then start taking OTC vitamin D once done with the script. Then i found out not only did my A1C go up, but it went up a lot. It went from 7.3 last time to 8.1 this time. I was floored! The only change I really made since the last test was that I started Weight Watchers. So i can only assume that the diet I was on with that messed up my blood sugar and whatnot. So WW is out and I am going back to counting carbs. Which means I need to wrap my head around a new way of thinking. I have been thinking about food in terms of points for so long now it is going to take a little time to get used to thinking about my carbs again.

Maybe this is why I really didn't lose much weight while doing WW. I know everyone is different and one lifestyle won't always work for the same people. Oh well, it is trial and error . . .

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  1. so are you feeling any better on the vitamin D? are you still working on exercise and diet? I want an update woman!