Mundane Monday

So obviously I am not the greatest at keeping this blog going. But change is always possible and just maybe I can make a go of posting more regularly. However to be fair, life has been crazy for me these last couple months. Back in the beginning of February I slipped and fell while visit family and ended up spraining my MCL. Took a couple weeks to be diagnosed and then another month of physical therapy took place. I was just discharged from PT this past Friday. I am not completely healed up, but just about there. So I can start to get back on track with things in my life. I have not been doing my best at taking all my meds, but I have addressed that and am getting better. Luckily while hobbling around with a bum leg, I have still been able to lose weight (thank you PT!). Since starting my renewed weight loss mission back in October/November I have lost about 20 pounds. I am about 7 pounds from having lost 10% of my starting body weight. So I am doing good on that front. It is just taking time and patience. Currently I am trying to cut some carbs from my diet a little at a time, starting with potatoes. That is my main carb source and it needs to be dealt with. But it will take time, because I just love my potatoes!

Here's to being more regular in my posting . . . .


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