Diabetes Alert Day - What will you do to Stop Diabetes?

I am sure not very many people I know will know that March 22, 2011 is Diabetes Alert Day. It is the one day where all of us who know about this disease are encouraged to go the extra mile to get out and make sure that America knows just how serious Diabetes is. Early diagnosis is so important when it comes to this disease because Type 2 can be delayed and maybe even prevented by making some easy lifestyle changes.

March 22 is exactly two months away, so i am going to start planning now just how I want to do my part and get the word out. I have already thought of one idea to step the word at my workplace. The human resources department at my workplace sends out the occasional health related e-mails, so this year I am going to put some information together and contact the necessary person to see about getting a company-wide e-mail sent out on Alert Day. That is just one thing I plan to do. I am going to work on more ideas while i have the time. I also welcome any ideas and suggestions you may have.

Diabetes Fact: For many, diagnosis may come seven to ten years after the onset of the disease.

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