One less pill

It is amazing how happy one can be about taking one less pill . . . .

This morning I had my first check-up of the new year. My weight remained unchanged from my last visit, which in a way is good. My blood pressure was great also. I had a good talk with my doctor about the usual things, mostly centering around my diabetes and weight. I did mention that I had joined Weight Watchers online and so far i have lost 7 pounds on it. It would be more if I was more consistent with my exercise. It is nice to have a doctor that I can talk to. It makes a lot of things so much easier. We talked a bit about my acid reflux meds. My insurance company started getting bitchy last year and wouldn't cover the dosage that i was on even though I had been taking the same drug at the same dosage for years! So I am hopeful that I have found a way around it. I will find out tonight when I go to get my prescription filled. I am excited about not having to worry about heartburn anymore!

We also talked about my blood pressure medicine. Years and one doctor ago I was diagnosed with borderline high blood pressure. I had wanted to go on the pill and my doctor then didn't want to put me on it with my blood pressure being what it was. So I went not only on the pill, but also a drug for blood pressure. Well I was never good with remembering to take it (I am still bad at taking my meds sometimes) so after a while she still didn't like my numbers so she put me on a second blood pressure medicine. Well fast froward some years to now. I decided to buy my own blood pressure monitor recently in an aid to help get me off some of these drugs i am on. So this morning I discussed things this morning. I told her that really the only reason the second drug was added was because I never remembered to take the other one. She agreed with me that with how my numbers have been it looks like I don't really need to be on two medications for blood pressure. So as of this morning I am no longer taking two medications for it!!! I am extremely happy about this! I am hoping that as i track my numbers these next few months that i do not see it going back up. Being off this one pill is the first step in getting off most of the medications i am on! This is a big achievement for me.

And I don't know that I would have talked to my doctor about it had I not had such a good relationship with her. So this just goes to show that having the right doctor is just as important as the rest of the things you need to do to take care of yourself. Having the right doctor is like taking the right medication. So if you do not have a god relationship with your doctor, it might be time to find another one.

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