American Diabetes Month (ADM)

Today is the start of American Diabetes Month 2011. I started this blog last year for ADM with the hope of not only spreading awareness about Diabetes, but also for my own benefit. I had the grand idea I would post every day and that this would help keep me motivated to get in better shape for my health. Well unfortunately after ADM ended I struggled and the blog fell far to the side, along with my grand designs on my health. Now I figure what better time to jump back in and to try to make a change than ADM 2011! This time I am going to not plan too big, but to take things one day at a time. That way if I have a bad day, there is always the next day to do good. One of my new mottos will be "Every day brings a new beginning." So today I start my journey of re-discovery. One day at a time.

Location:Harrisburg,United States

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