A new year

So here it is, the start of another year. Last year I told myself I would do better and blog more, but obviously that did not happen! People think I joke when i say I am like the laziest person ever, but really it is true. That is why I can't seem to blog more. I just can't be bothered to come up with a post. Lately i have been thinking about a lot of changes I need to make in my life and I think this blog could help. So this year one of m goals will be to blog more. I want to start out trying to get in at least one post every couple of weeks. And work my way up! I certainly don't expect to make a lot of changes overnight. It takes time to develop new habits. So I am going to work on it.

I am still coming up with some goals that I want to set for myself. I am more comfortable calling them goals, rather than resolutions mostly because to me resolutions are usually something you don't make happen. Some of my goals are personal, while others are charity based. One of my personal goals is that i need to start checking the fluids in our car more often. I am not good at remembering to do it, so I want to get in the habit of checking things the first of every month. And I can say this month is good! I checked the fluids earlier today and topped off the ones that needed it. Another is to get healthier. I have been trying to eat better, and it is slow going. I also need to get exercising and moving more. In that department i have been seriously failing. I do not plan to jump right in and get to the gym every day or anything. I will work on it more slowly, starting to try to get some exercise in a couple times a week and work my way up to maybe 5 times a week. I know i need to better and I will.

Another thing that I want to start doing this year is to give more. And I plan to start by giving more to the local Humane Society. Once a month I plan to do a bit of shopping and purchase items that they are in need of and donate those items. It is just not people who sometimes need help, but the animals do to. So this year I plan to give more to them and help them out!

Happy New Years!


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