The Grandest Intentions

I did happen to mention I am lazy, right? Ok just making sure. Not that you couldn't tell since it has been SIX MONTHS since my last post. That's not to say that I have done nothing in all that time. Back in January, with some Christmas money, I picked up a Fitbit for myself. Now I do have to say that seeing the number of steps you take a day can be a motivator. When I first got my Fitbit I discovered that I was lucky if I took 2,000 steps a day. Just a smidge below the recommendation of 10,000 steps a day. So for the next couple months I started to push myself, first to get 5,000 a day and then on to 7,500 steps. I admit that I struggled. A lot! Then I started using my breaks and lunch at work to walk. Very quickly my goal was moved to 10,000 a day. After hitting that goal almost every day these last couple I months I see a new goal on the horizon. It is no longer such a struggle to get to 10,000 steps, so in the coming days it will be time to set a new goal. I have impressed even myself! I honestly don't know that I would be doing all this walking now if I had not bought the Fitbit. It has been a great motivator for me. So much so that on those days where I am close I make myself do more to ensure that I hit my goal. But the best days are the ones where I don't even have to try, it just happens!

Now that I am trying to so more, let's hope the blog starts to see more attention too!!

~ current daily steps: 5635

Location:Harrisburg,United States

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