Weekend blahs

Well the weekend did not go so well for counting steps. Saturday I just plain forgot to put my fitbit on. Could be because it fell under my bed an I forgot about it. Then Sunday I just didn't do much in the way of walking since I was trying to recover from all the activity of the previous three days. Today is another story. It may be off to a slow start, but I am determined to get back on track.
This next month is going to be crazy. My brother is getting married in a month and I have a lot I duct tape flowers to get making. I have a set schedule for the flowers that I will have to stick to. Plus I have other terms to make as well. It should be interesting to see how well I fit all this extra work in with making sure I get my steps in each day!

~ current daily steps: 1350

Location:Thea Dr,Harrisburg,United States

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