Getting in those steps

It looks like this is going to be one of those weeks. It is a struggle getting in my steps. let alone hitting my goal. I know part of my problem, other than being lazy, is the heat. I do not tolerate the heat well and it has been almost 90 out every day so far this week. As a kid I used to get really sick when it was too hot out. I have slightly grown out of it, but I still hate it.
It really also doesn't help that not only am I working to get all those duct tape flowers made, but a new exspansion pack for the Sims 3 came out this week. So I am addicted to getting as much game time in as I can! It also doesn't help that neither my husband or I are morning people so we don't end up getting into work until the last possible minute and with our overtime we don't get out until late. It leaves little time to do much of anything else, which is why I am struggling to do everything with limited time.
Like right now i know i will get at least 10,000 steps in today so i am not worried about that. But I am sitting here trying to decide if i want to spend the little time i have tonight making flowers or playing Sims! There needs to be more hours in the day for fun!

~ current daily steps: 3369

Location:Thea Dr,Harrisburg,United States

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