Truth or Myth . . .

As with anything in life Diabetes comes with its own myths. If you are uneducated in regards to this disease, then what you think you may know might not be correct. There are many misconceptions surrounding diabetes and I am going to explore a couple of these with the help of the following two articles: Diabetes myths & 10 Diabetes diet myths.

I think one of the biggest myths regarding the disease has to so with sugar and sweets. While diabetics have to watch the foods they eat more closely, they can still eat what they want, including sweets. The key is moderation. As long as you don't overdo it, you can still have your sweet treats. Exercise is also key when adding sweets into your diet as it helps lower your blood sugar. So just remember, being diagnosed as a diabetic does not mean you have to give up all your favorite candy and desserts. Eating too many sweets does not cause diabetes.

Another myth surrounding diabetes is that if you are overweight, then you will develop diabetes. This just isn't true. Yes being overweight adds to the risk of developing the disease, but so do other things such as family history and age. You are just as likely to develop diabetes if you are fat or skinny.

I think these are the two biggest myths that revolve around in one's mind when you think of diabetes. Just because something sounds logical and true doesn't mean that it is. So please, if you are not sure of something, look it up before you spread more myths rather than truths.

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