Week 2: Day 8 - Mouthwatering Monday

I think the biggest challenge for me since I have diagnosed as as diabetic is dealing with what foods to eat. As a diabetic I have to watch the amount of carbs that i eat. And therein lies my problem: I am a carb-oholic. My favorite foods are just full of carbs. I absolutely love bread, potatoes, pasta . . . all the foods that are the worst for me.

For those who don't know carbs = sugar, so the more carbs I eat the higher my blood sugar will be. So this is why I need to watch the amount of carbs i eat. And it is not that easy, let me tell you! Carbs are my weakness!

Diabetes Fact: In 2003–2004, 75% of adults with self-reported diabetes had blood pressure greater than or equal to 130/80 mmHg, or used prescription medications for hypertension.

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