Bonus Days: Day 29 - “Mouthwatering Monday”

How long did those Thanksgiving Day leftovers last? Leftovers can be a useful strategy in saving money and making your portions smaller, but many people don’t like them. How do you feel about leftovers?

 I absolutely LOVE leftovers! I tend to be a lot lazy when it comes to cooking, so i usually plan a lot of my meals with leftovers in mind. i know on some level this is not good because I am making so much extra food, but if I just eat the planned amount, then it is not a problem. Thanksgiving and Christmas are some of my favorite times to have leftovers. I just love frying up the turkey meal leftovers all in one pan, so good!!

You can get really creative with leftovers as well. You can cook them over again in new ways and end up with even better meals! Plus some meals are just plain better the second time around. I have always been a fan and supporter of leftovers and will continue to be so!

Diabetes Fact: Data from the 2007 National Diabetes Fact Sheet indicates there are 5.7 million people who are undiagnosed.

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