Week 4: Day 27 - The Best Thing

Yesterday was “Black Friday” when many Americans shopped till they dropped, looking for the best possible gifts. What’s the best diabetes gadget, phone app, book, or other tool you have?

 I have to say that the best gadget that I have as a tool for my fight against diabetes is my iPod Touch. When it comes to managing things, the iPod touch is so versatile. I have multiple apps that help me manage all aspects of my life. I have one app called Glucose buddy that allows me to log my blood glucose readings and medications. I can then look at graphs of my readings.

I also have the app for Weight Watchers online, which makes it much easier to track my foods everyday. It is very easy and handy to just have to pull my iPod out and plug in information, rather than having to log into a website each day. There are just so many apps available for the iPod touch, that it makes it easy to manage just about every aspect pf my life. Which in turns makes it easier to manage my diabetes.

Diabetes Fact: The risk for stroke is 2 to 4 times higher among people with diabetes.

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