Week 1: Day 2 - Election day

I have found that I have never really been that into politics. I mean sure, I go and vote for each election. But I never really go out of my way to find out as much as I can about all the candidates. Sometimes it seems like voting is more of a chore than a right. Especially nowadays when all you hear and see is ads that focus on bashing the opponents. A person can get so tired of hearing and seeing all that. I know, personally, that these ads have a negative impact. They make me want to not vote for the person who is supporting the ad just on the principle of it. I mean they have no real problem spending their money on ads meant to trash someone else's reputation. How can that be a practical way of spending money? Or responsible? I don't understand why all we hear is opponent bashing when what really matters is how a candidate stands on issues. That is what matters to me. That is all that should matter to anyone. So much more could get done if these candidates thought only of pushing the idea of their stances, not slinging mud at other people.

These days, it is just hard to want to get out and vote. But vote, i did. Now if i had the chance to to talk to any of my representatives I would tell them how important it is not to cut funding for diabetes. There are so many people out there who are either diagnosed undiagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes. I am talking millions of people, about 2 million people in Pennsylvania alone. Now, more than ever, do we need to make sure people are being educated about this disease. It is not some small disease, it is a leading killer among the top diseases. We can't have the government cutting the funding year after year when the number of people effected  increases each year. That funding is vital to millions of people. More people need to stand up and take action and visit this site today and see what they can do to help with diabetes funding at the state or federal level. I have started taking action, now it is your turn!!

Diabetes fact: 23.6 million children and adults in the United States—7.8% of the population—have diabetes and there are another 57 million people with pre-diabetes.

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  1. I remember when I was younger going to Washington DC to talk to the Represenatives about funding for Diabetes research. One of them was so scared to get his finger pricked to check his sugar level because it might hurt a lot. You know what hurts a lifetime of pricks, pokes shots and pills!
    Somewhere I have photos of all of the kids piled into the offices telling their stories. I went several years. They need faces with the stories. It is so easy to ignore the problems when it is faceless.
    Keep up the good work Seester!