Week 4: Day 23 - Holiday Travel

The pilgrims traveled for 66 days to make it to the “new world.”  Do you travel for Thanksgiving or other holidays?  What tricks or tips do you use to navigate airport crowds, traffic-filled highways and blood glucose fluctuations?

I was so busy packing and getting ready to travel yesterday that I just did not have time to post this blog. So time to make up for it now! I do not always travel for turkey day, but this year I did and am.  I feel I am rather fortunate in my travels as I do not have to deal with the crowds of airports. I spend my time travelling in the car for about a five hour drive from Pennsylvania to upstate New York. We do this same trip in December for Christmas as well. We always make sure we leave early enough so that we do not have to deal with much traffic.  Usually we only have the usual rush hour traffic to put up with.

I am not on the road long enough to have to worry about fluctuations in my blood sugar. And regardless of that we usually have some sort of snack and plenty of water in the car with us, so I really do not have to worry. The only worry I have when it comes to any holiday travel is to make sure that I pack my medications. As long as I remember to have them packed, my trips are uneventful.

Diabetes Fact:
After adjusting for population age differences, 2004-2006 national survey data for people diagnosed with diabetes, aged 20 years or older include the following prevalence by race/ethnicity:
  • 6.6% of non-Hispanic whites
  • 7.5% of Asian Americans
  • 11.8% of non-Hispanic blacks
  • 10.4% of Hispanic

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