Week 3: Day 20 - Short Cuts

Are there any diabetes short cuts you have learned over the years?

Well I am not really sure about using the name short cuts for anything to do with diabetes. This disease is not to be taken lightly, so you really don't want to take short cuts, especially with your health! One of the  things i have learned to do over the years though is to change who I buy my food. I used to just grab whatever size of things i wanted, but know I am always looking at the serving sizes and the nutritional information before i buy. I find with some things it is easier to get them in smaller packages because it is easier to count what i am having. Individual serving size containers of anything are much easier to manage that bigger, bulkier things.

Other than things like that I really don't take any short cuts where my diabetes is concerned.

Diabetes Fact: 12.2 million, or 23.1% of all people age 60 or older have diabetes.

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